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She reveals her many facets as she crafts the distinctive story of her existence. Her resilience and resolve, her happiness and light-heartedness. Her every dream. Her every daydream, weaving together into a magnificent tapestry. It’s a manifestation of her entire self, just as she is. An unveiling, a commemoration, of her journey to self-discovery.

Enchanting Brilliance

A captivating radiance illuminated her soul as she envisioned a gorgeous tapestry inspired by her life’s journey. Every thread meticulously chosen, symbolizing her hopes and aspirations, imbued with the very essence of her being.

Determined Elegance

Unyielding Grace With resolute resolve, every shuttle’s movement represented the determination required to craft a flawless and enduring tapestry that mirrored the strength of her character.

Joyous Luminescence

As the final stages approached, a feeling of elation washed over the weaver, resonating with the liberation discovered in the interconnected patterns, shattering the constraints of the mundane, unveiling a magnificent masterpiece.

When Exquisite Geometry Meets Creative Craftsmanship

At De Garuda ateliers, we blend indigenous storytelling with worldwide appeal, reimagining Ikat art with dazzling diamonds, elevating them into a radiant tapestry that celebrates the journey of self-discovery.

Customized jewellery

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